SDPI Book Launch: On the Life of Veteran Politician Jam Saqi

Pakistan People's Party Senator Farhatullah Babar says Pakistani society became dehumanized during the 1980s leading to extremism and intolerance at all levels which can be reversed with the rebirth of politics of left based on the notion of 'justice for all'. He expressed these views while speaking at the launch of a book on the life of revolutionary leader Jam Saqi titled:Jam Saqi: Chale Chalo Keh Wo Manzil Abhi nahi Aye'. at Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) in Islamabad. The book, authored by Ahmad Salim and Nuzhat Abbas, covered various aspects and dimensions of the epic struggle of comrade Jam Saqi for the restoration of democracy and human rights. Raja Taimur Hassan has more to tell...

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